Embellished Constable ColumnIn places rich in architecture, choosing the correct columns and lanterns can further enhance the feel and look of the area. An Embellishment Kit is a cost effective way of transforming a standard lighting column to give a heritage look.

Key Features

> Smaller kits are available with a 3 or 4 piece setup which incorporates the ladder arms
> Large kits are available with a 3 piece setup
> Alternatively you can mix and match any of the embellishments to suit your design






DXF drawing file


Column Shaft Column Base 3 Piece 4 Piece
Ø76mm Ø140mm Tick Tick
Ø89mm Ø168mm Tick Tick
Ø114mm Ø168mm Tick Tick
Ø140mm Ø194mm Tick Cross


Column Size Base Collar Single Ring Double Ring Ladder Arms
Ø76mm x Ø140mm Tick Tick Tick Cross Tick
Ø89mm x Ø168mm Tick Tick Tick Cross Tick
Ø114mm x Ø168mm Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Ø140mm x Ø194mm Tick Tick Tick Tick Cross
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