Product & Bespoke Product Design

3D CAD Screen

3D CAD & Design

Metcraft use the very latest in 3D CAD technology to aid in the design of products. By utilising systems such as these we can foresee any problems that may occur and address them before we commit to tooling or pattern work thus saving time and expense.
The 3D CAD also comes in handy as a presentational tool so that you can get a real feel for the products. Images can often be superimposed onto existing photographs to make visualising easier.

Gladstone Fastflex


As the way in which we use lighting has changed considerably over the past few years is it important for us to adapt our luminaires to accommodate the widest range of products available on the market. As technology is moving on and systems are getting ‘smarter’ luminaires have to do the same now incorporating heatsinks for LED’s, multiple technological devices and various light sources, sometimes even twin reflectors and lamps or multiple LED modules.

PT Outreach Bracket


Brackets are a simple but effective way of complimenting a column and enhancing the environment in which they reside. Each basic bracket design has been independently and structurally tested to ensure it is capable of carrying the luminaires attached to it.

As brackets are fabricated and designed in house they can be manufactured to almost any design, any outreach and to suit many different applications whether this be a bracket for a column, wall, pillar, or telegraph pole.

IP Ratings

IP Rating imageIP rating are achieved in many ways ranging from sealing a whole  luminaire  to just the optical unit.  Metcraft luminaires have undergone independent IP testing to achieve an IP66 rating wherever possible. By sealing the luminaire in this way it ensures the longevity of the fitting and also reduces maintenance, which works hand in hand with today’s long life lighting solutions.

Metcraft offer a longer guarantee on all IP66 rated fittings which relates to the lumianires structure and seals.

Structural Integrity

Metcraft post top luminaires are mainly made from stainless steel which provides strength and longevity. The top hanging luminaires are predominantly made from spun aluminium and dependent upon location will then be alochromed to provide additional protection against the elements.

The way in which we design and manufacture our range of fittings along with the quality of materials ensures that you will have a luminaire which will stand the test of time.

Gallery MK3 Rev

Bespoke Design

Taking all of the above into consideration when we design a luminaire, a bracket or a column whether this is to compliment our standard ranges or whether it is client specific you can be assured that with our many years of expertise and our extensive skill pool you are in good hands.