LED Street Lighting

LED’s are now a serious contender within the street lighting sector due to a number of factors largely associated with energy saving, carbon reduction & lower maintenance costs when compared to conventional technologies being employed throughout the UK


LED Street Lights: Benefits

  • Efficient light source with energy savings of up to 80% when compared with conventional technologies
  • Ability to be dimmed to any specific level easily and linearly, including avoiding early period over-illumination
  • LEDs cast even, directional light, with no optical power wasted. It is estimated that as much as 30 per cent of current street lighting is inefficiently dispersed upwards
  • LEDs can be instantaneously digitally controlled via CMS (Click here for further information)
  • More robust with power fluctuations and at present LED’s are up to 90% recyclable and do not contain lead, mercury or other heavy metals.

Victoria Fastflex

Metcraft and LED Technology

Metcraft Luminaires use a range of LED solutions with the predominant LED System being the Philips Fastflex Gen4. The LED solution is built up from an LED board with Lens Strip and Xitanium Driver. At present we can expect up to 135 lumens per watt when running at 350Ma but this will obviously be lower when you put the LED unit into a luminaire as you will have obstructions such as Lenses, Glazing and Lantern framework.

With basic advances within the LED market, along with developments in optical technology and heatsinking, the barrier between cost and performance has now been broken down. We can now offer a better more efficient light source which produces less expensive light leading to lower running costs and more reliable performance.

Key Features

Gladstone Fastflex

  • Thermal Protection against overheating
  • Upgradable/Future proof – with the advancements in LED technology this system can be upgraded to include more energy efficient components in later years
  • Various lenses available for varying applications
  • Multiple strips can be installed within most luminaries
  • Driver has a range of features including constant light output, dimming profiles and DALI interface
  • Photometric Data available