Lighting Design

With the main focus being on energy saving and safter lighting it is now more important than ever to ensure that all lighting schemes are compliant with the local authorities standards and classes. This can be achieved by using an array of reflectors and lenses along with electronic smart ballasts and CMS packages.

Optical Reflectors

There are a range of optical solutions for both HID lamps and LED’s to provide variances to the way in which light is distributed, to cater for a multitude of situations, whether this be an area lighting scheme such as a park, or whether it is a road with a wide pavement to the rear.

We now also have the ability to install 2 optical reflectors into the majority of our luminaires which will allow for the roadside to be lit as well as a wide paved area, or if needed they can both face forward to increase the light in one particular direction.

With certain optical setups we can also incorporate a tilt so that you can push light a little bit further forward if needed.

Optic Examples

Lighting Design

Our lighting engineers have experience of working on a vast range of schemes. Over the years they have gained an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of all factors that have to be taken into account to ensure our solutions deliver optimum energy efficiency whilst meeting the highest environmental and safety standards.



Metcraft luminaries have been independently tested photometrically. Our photometric data is available on Lighting Reality or can be downloaded below.

Download Full Photometric Data